Cutting Public Media Funding is No Joke

Update: Today, the House passed its Budget. Federal funding for public broadcasting was cut. Don’t be discouraged. This isn’t final. There will be more opportunities […]

Happy Birthday to our Favorite Neighbor, Fred Rogers

We all have our gripes. I hate that when I can’t sleep, I reach for my smartphone. The gentle, soft-spoken man, who would revolutionize children’s […]

Meet Everyday Alaskans With Indie Alaska Videos

Seven years ago, Travis Gilmour threw everything he owned into his Mazda and drove north to Alaska. He didn’t have a job waiting for him […]

An Alaskan Romance Story – Finding Love over the Bushlines

Detricia Hahn and Dave Anderson have been happily married for five years. Photo Credit: Detricia Hahn How many texts did you send today? Maybe one […]

I love my public media because…

Last week, we asked public media fans from coast to coast to show their public media displays of affection for Valentine’s Day as part of […]

I Love My Public Media Contest

Love is in the airwaves! Love your local public media station? Love a favorite public media program (or one or two or 20)? We want […]