Tell the 117th Congress to Support Public Media Funding


The 117th Congress, with nearly 70 newly elected officials, was recently sworn in.

As they get to work, send a message encouraging them to support federal funding for public media.

During the initial weeks and months of a new Congress, legislators develop their funding priorities for the year. By sending your messages now, you can improve public media funding’s position in future funding debates. Your messages will help educate first-time congressional legislators about why public media funding is important and remind incumbents that your community supports this essential funding.

To send your emails, fill out your information to the right and select ‘Email Your Lawmaker.’ After your lawmakers populate in the blue bar, scroll down, and select ‘Send Emails.’ All fields included on the form, including the mobile number, are required by congressional offices. For the mobile number field, please do not use dashes or hyphens.


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