Urge Appropriators: Protect Public Media Funding


Protect your public media! Enter your information in the blue box to send a message urging your Appropriations Committee Member to include public media funding in the developing legislation.

Local public media stations are an essential part of American life, ensuring everyone has access to quality local journalism and community stories, effective educational resources, lifesaving emergency communications, and cultural enrichment.

But federal funding is at risk. Congress is considering its annual appropriations bills that will determine public media funding, and a message from you can make a difference.

Federal funding – about $1.60 per person each year – is an irreplaceable source of support that enables your local public radio and television stations to bring you programming and services you value and trust. The loss of federal funding would jeopardize local public media, crippling your stations’ ability to serve your community.

Last year, a House appropriations bill proposed cutting core public media funding. As of today, five House bills have been introduced in the current Congress to restrict or eliminate public media funding.

By contacting your Appropriations Committee Member now, you can influence this year’s public media funding proposals and help protect this invaluable public service.


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