Tell the President You Support Public Media Funding


The President’s annual budget to Congress recommends eliminating public media funding. Stop this dangerous proposal. Sign the petition to tell the Administration to support continued public media funding.

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Support Continued Public Media Funding

To: President Donald Trump

I am disappointed that your annual budget to Congress recommends eliminating public media funding.

My local public radio and television stations are very important to me and my community. Public media is a trusted and safe place for local children to learn. Through my stations, I receive local news, information and public safety updates that keeps me and my community connected and safe. I also enjoy the content and resources that help me become more involved in my community.

Federal funding for public media amounts to about $1.35 per American, and it represents .01% of the federal budget. Cutting funding would have no effect on the budget deficit, but would devastate local communities, like mine. There is no replacement for federal funding. Without it, local stations would be forced off-air or to cut essential programming and services that Americans trust and value. The most rural areas of the country may be left with no access to local media at all.

As a businessman, I hope you’ll reconsider your position on public media funding. It’s a small investment, but it pays dividends to local Americans in the form of education, information and public safety.

Thank you.


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