Urge Congress to Provide Public Media Relief Funding


The economic effects of COVID-19 threaten the existence of local public radio and television stations across the country.

Please ask your Members of Congress to support $175 million in emergency funding for public media stations.

The public media system – more than 1,400 local stations serving 99% of American households – is projected to lose over $400 million in non-federal funding over the next several months.

In addition, local stations have incurred unexpected expenses to provide enhanced local news, at-home learning resources and public safety services to communities nationwide.

Local stations are already cutting workforces and eliminating local programming services. Without emergency federal support, local stations will be forced to take more drastic reductions in critical programs and services or shutter their operations forever.

With news deserts expanding across America and schools extending closings through the end of the academic year, communities need local public media more than ever.

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