Urge Congress: Oppose Defunding Public Media


Federal funding for public media hangs in the balance. This month, the House could consider legislation that would eliminate federal funding for your local public media stations. To protect your public media service, urge your Representative to vote against the House Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education (Labor-HHS-Ed) Appropriations bill. Call your Representative now. You may need to select ‘Call your Representative’ twice to initiate the call.

This legislation proposes defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which would severely weaken the local service of 1,500+ public radio and TV stations. If Congress ends the about $1.60 per person annual investment in public media, stations may reduce valued programming, cut community outreach to early learners, or shut down entirely, hitting rural and Native American communities the hardest.

Interconnection, public media’s distribution network and the backbone of emergency alerts and warnings, is also recommended for elimination, jeopardizing the delivery of your favorite programs and lifesaving information.

Preventing the House Labor-HHS-Ed Appropriations bill from being approved is a crucial way to protect your local public media service.

Call your Representative to join us in stopping this bill.

To learn more about the legislation’s proposals and how they would adversely affect your local service, read our blog.

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