Tell Congress: Invest in Public Media’s Infrastructure


Imagine turning on your public television or radio station and finding it off the air. Unless America supports critical public media broadcasting infrastructure, this scenario could become a reality.

Send a message today to your Members of Congress urging them to include funding for public media stations in the budget reconciliation package.

A recent assessment shows a staggering $300 million in unmet, immediate infrastructure needs at local public media stations. Stations’ challenges stem from several issues:

  • Constantly evolving broadcast technology: Stations strive to meet the new standards to best serve their communities, but the rising costs of service and scarce funding opportunities have made it impossible to close the gap.
  • Elimination of long-standing federal grant programs 10 years ago: These programs helped stations, particularly those serving rural and remote communities, fund construction, upgrades, and replacements to broadcast technology equipment. And over the last decade, federal funding for public media through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was frozen, offering no additional support for stations’ infrastructure.
  • Additional pressures due to COVID-19 pandemic: The pandemic has exacerbated stations’ needs, putting a halt to maintenance as stations prioritized funds to provide enhanced public services in remote learning, public service journalism and public safety.

As a result, many stations have been forced to delay infrastructure replacements, updates, and maintenance, increasing the risk of operational failures and outages.

An investment in public media infrastructure will protect public media’s service to every American community now and into the future. Reach out to your Members of Congress to ensure that Americans across the country have reliable, strong connections to their public media stations.

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