Urge Congress to Support Public Media Funding


The President recently signed debt ceiling legislation into law that caps federal spending at roughly Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 levels.

The Senate is drafting their appropriations bills now, and federal programs could face cuts to meet the new spending caps. Public media is only made possible with federal investment. Help us protect this irreplaceable funding source. Urge your Senator to include robust public media funding in the annual spending bills. Fill out your information and follow the prompts to send your message.

A message to your Senator can influence the amount of public media funding provided in the draft appropriations bills. The bills are expected to be completed soon and considered by the Appropriations Committees shortly thereafter.

Cuts to public media funding, coupled with inflation, would affect your local public media service, resulting in the loss of programs and services you value and trust. Federal funding for public media amounts to about $1.40 per American annually, and is an initial investment that allows stations to leverage this funding into additional support from local sources. Multiple studies confirm there is no replacement for this federal support.

Instructions for sending your messages: To send emails to your Senators, fill out your information to the right and select ‘Send Email.’ After your lawmakers populate in the blue bar, scroll down, and select ‘Send Email.’ All fields included on the form, including the mobile number, are required by congressional offices. For the mobile number field, please do not use dashes or hyphens.


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