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The President’s budget proposes eliminating public media funding. Without this critical seed funding, your local stations may be forced to go off-air or cut essential programming and community-based services. You could lose access to educational content for all ages, emergency communication services, local programming, trusted news, and more.

Please fill out your information and select ‘Email Your Lawmaker.’ Your lawmakers will receive an email containing the message below, which urges them to support continued public media funding.

I am writing to urge you to support public broadcasting funding in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill.

I am a strong supporter of my local public radio and television stations, which are critically important to me and my community. I urge you to support funding for:

  • The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which supports the local public service work of my public television and radio stations;
  • The Ready To Learn program, which provides funding for highly-researched children’s educational content that has been proven to close the achievement gap;
  • And public media’s interconnection infrastructure program, which serves as the backbone of our nation’s emergency alert system; maintains the connection between our local public broadcasting stations and other stations throughout the country; and maximizes the programming and services available to our community.

The federal investment in public media amounts to $1.35 per American per year and represents .01% of the federal budget. Eliminating funding would have a negligible impact on our nation’s debt but a devastating effect on our community.

Without federal funding, local stations could be forced off air or cut essential programming and services Americans count on. Cutting funding could lead to the loss of emergency notifications and AMBER alerts; broadcast services; cutting-edge educational noncommercial children’s content; local public affairs and news programming, innovative classroom resources; rich, local culture and music genres; and professional development and workforce training for teachers, caregivers, veterans, and other job seekers.

These essential services are too valuable to lose.

As a constituent who highly values the programming and services of my local stations, I strongly urge you to support funding for public media in the FY 2018 Appropriations process.




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