Ask Lawmakers: Go On Record Supporting Public Media


Recognizing the invaluable role of public media, a few Members of Congress are urging their colleagues to sign letters endorsing continued federal funding for public radio and television stations. Your outreach can ensure every supportive Member of Congress adds their name to these letters and advance funding.

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Ways To Take Action

Federal funding ensures that your local public radio and TV stations can continue to give you access to essential educational, local, and cultural programming; trustworthy, in-depth news; and emergency and community-based services. Here are three things you can do today to keep public media strong.

Urge Congress: Match the President’s Budget Proposals

The President’s FY 2025 budget request recommends increasing public media funding. To ensure public media remains a vital and vibrant public service, we need Congress to match this commitment.

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Why Getting Lawmakers on Record Supporting Public Media is Vital

Congressional letters endorsing public media funding are circulating Congress. Discover why these letters are crucial to identify champions and advance irreplaceable funding.

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Learn About the Programs that Power Public Media

Explore the federal programs that enable your local public media stations to bring you quality programming and services.

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