Why Does Your Voice Matter?


As a public media viewer and listener, you know how valuable your local stations are to your community.

Federal funding, which amounts to about $1.60 per person annually, makes public media possible. The investment directly supports your local stations and enables them to provide you with essential programs and services.

If federal funding is eliminated, your stations could be forced to cut hallmark educational content, important public safety communications during natural disasters, professional development and resources for teachers, music and cultural programming, unparalleled local news and so much more. Some stations could even be forced off the air.

Join our Action Network to protect your stations.

Every year, Congress considers federal funding levels for all of public media’s programs. We have been able to protect federal funding because viewers and listeners – like you – have communicated the value of public media to Congress.

Your voice matters to your lawmakers, which is why it’s important that you join our Action Network today.

To sign up, fill out the blue box on the right hand of your screen. As a member of the Action Network, we’ll let you know how you can take action to protect public media funding and we’ll share updates on the status of funding.

Together, we can ensure that all Americans continue to have access to high-quality public media now and in the future.

More Ways To Take Action