Protect My Public Media (PMPM) is an action network of Americans who are dedicated to protecting local public television and radio stations and the programming and services they provide. PMPM, in collaboration with local stations and partners, directs audiences to take action to protect the federal investment in public media.

What do public media stations provide?

Local public radio and TV stations give virtually every household free access to:

  • Educational programming for all ages, including children’s content that’s proven to close the achievement gap and resources for teachers,
  • Trusted, fact-based news programming,
  • Local programming and community-based services,
  • Celebrations of the American experience, from history to music,
  • Lifesaving emergency communications services,
  • And more.

Federal Funding Facts

Since 1969, Congress has provided funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), which distributes it directly to local stations. Federal funding supports local station operations and helps them secure private financial support. On average, stations raise $6 for every federal dollar, resulting in a highly effective public-private partnership.