Ask Lawmakers: Go On Record Supporting Public Media


Public media stations are part of the fabric of our communities, serving as indispensable local sources of information, education, and inspiration. Your outreach today can be instrumental in getting your Members of Congress on record supporting public media.

Recognizing the invaluable role of public media, a few Members of Congress are urging their colleagues to sign letters endorsing continued federal funding for public radio and television stations. We must ensure every supportive Member of Congress adds their name to these letters. Enter your information and follow the prompts to send a request to your lawmakers.

Securing a strong number of bipartisan letter signers is crucial. Submitted to the Appropriations subcommittees, these letters measure congressional support for public media funding and will guide the development of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 appropriations bills.

Public media funding represents about .01 percent of the federal budget. Federal funding, distributed to public media stations, is reinvested in communities to develop programs and public services that foster informed citizens, prepare children for success in both school and life, celebrate local culture, and convene civil conversations.

Public media is only made possible by federal funding. Your message can advance this year’s requests and ensure Members of Congress who endorse public media funding make their support known and are counted.

How to send your message:
Fill out your information in the blue box on the right side of your screen. Select ‘Send Your Emails.’ All fields are mandated by your congressional offices to receive your message. Pre-populated messages that you can customize will appear in the blue box. Once you’re satisfied with your message, scroll down and select ‘Send Your Emails’ again.


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