Protect Local Public Media: Sign the Petition


We must protect access to vital, vibrant local public media stations. Join this effort by adding your name to the petition.

For years, Americans have rated local public media stations among the most trusted media sources and best federal investments. For just $1.60 per person annually, stations provide a crucial lifeline to communities nationwide, offering award-winning local journalism and storytelling, research-based educational resources, reliable emergency communications, and cultural enrichment.

However, federal legislation threatens to restrict and eliminate public media funding, endangering the future of your local public radio and television stations. 

We’re collecting signatures to show Congress that the American people strongly support public media funding – and we stand ready to oppose any legislation that would jeopardize local public media stations.

Congress has the power to protect public media, but only if you make your voice heard. Enter your information and follow the prompts to sign the petition. 


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