Urge Congress to Increase Public Media Funding


In the coming months, Congress will consider federal funding for public media. Urge your Members of Congress to increase public media funding. Fill out your information and call your Representative now.

Through our collective outreach, we’ve begun to reverse the effects of ten years of frozen federal funding. We must keep up the momentum to improve the financial health of our nation’s public media stations.

Among the last locally managed and controlled media outlets in the country, public media stations are essential to our communities, our democracy, and our nation’s future.

Increased federal support will allow stations to continue to fill gaps in local journalism, help bridge the digital divide in education, expand lifesaving emergency communications, support jobseekers, and contribute to cultural preservation and discovery.

Registering your support now can strengthen your local public media stations into the future.

To get started, enter your information in the blue box on the right-hand side of your screen and click ‘Call Officials.’ Talking points to help guide your conversation will appear in the blue box. To connect with your congressional offices, scroll down and select ‘Call Officials.’ You will then receive a call at the number you provided, and you will be directed through the process.


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