Five Things I Love about Public Media

By Cait |

PMPM AngelaHi, I’m Angela Marler! I’m a summer intern at the Association of Public Television Stations, the organization that co-manages the Protect My Public Media campaign. Right now, I’m a senior at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I’m studying journalism and I love public media. In fact, one day I hope to work full-time in the public media industry. Here’s my public media story. You can TELL us your public media story, too.


I’ve had a long history with public media.

It started when I was two years old, and I wanted to get so close to Barney that I pulled our TV set off of the table and onto myself while my mom was busy talking on the phone.

Over the years I’ve changed from a PBS Kid to a public radio geek, and, most recently, I’m a protector of public media. I’m excited to be interning to help save the programs that have stuck with me through the years. Through my internship, I hope to help ensure that people around the country continue to have access to quality programs and local stations that inform, educate and inspire – just like I’ve had.

Public Media, here’s why I love you:

1. Storytelling

I fell in love with storytelling one afternoon as I was sitting in my car, captivated by Ira Glass and tales about breakups. Listening to This American Life in high school inspired me to study journalism in college, and public media storytellers like Glass, Sarah Koenig, and Ken Burns continue to motivate me to write and share stories.

2. NPR Names

Nina Totenberg, Lakshmi Singh, Michele (Mee-shell) Norris… My NPR name is Mahalia McLaughlin-Peretz. You can find out yours here.

3. Music, New And Old

All Songs Considered is one of my favorite podcasts for discovering new music, and lately I’ve been watching PBS Digital Studios’ Blank on Blank series of interviews with great musicians like Joni Mitchell and John Coltrane. In fact, during my internship, I took a tour of NPR and went to a Tiny Desk concert! I joined the crowd around the desk and listened to the spunky Caroline Rose and her band play a few songs that mesmerized the whole room.

4. Opportunities to Learn

Public media was all around me as a kid. I remember singing along to Reading Rainbow’s theme song in school; listening to KPBS, my local public radio (and television station, too), in the car on the way home; and watching Arthur with my little brother in the afternoons. From giving me news updates to lessons on how to be a good friend, public media has taught me  about myself, my community, my country and the world.

5. Bert and Ernie

I was a Sesame Street fanatic as a child. Those two dysfunctional friends are still my favorite.

Why do you love public media?