Make May 1st a Beautiful Day of Action

By Cait |

Neighbors, on May 1, 2019, we’re hosting a beautiful day of action and paying tribute to Fred Rogers, whose testimony nearly 50 years ago saved public media funding. On the anniversary of the historic event, viewers and listeners nationwide will put on sweaters, snap selfies and testify about why they value public media in 2019.

What are we honoring?

On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood gave heartfelt testimony in support of public television funding before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications. The Administration had proposed cutting public media funding by 50 percent. He spoke passionately about public television’s role in providing social and emotional education to children. His testimony gave the Subcommittee Chairman John O. Pastore “goosebumps” and stopped the proposal to cut funding.

Why is it important to participate in It’s A Beautiful Day?

Fred Rogers’ appeal proved that when we stand up for what we believe in, we can create positive change.

As Congress begins to consider federal funding for Fiscal Year 2020, we have an opportunity to show our lawmakers and the public that we support funding for public media.

How do you participate in It’s A Beautiful Day?

All you’ll need is a sweater, camera and a smile.

Put on your sweater, snap a selfie and submit your photo to the Protect My Public Media website or the Protect My Public Media Facebook wall or Twitter with the hashtag: #ItsABeautifulDay.

Let’s make May 1st a beautiful day of action and remind our neighbors, and Congress, that the American people support public media funding!