Helpful COVID-19 Resources From Public Media

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Lately, our daily routines look and feel very different. You may be teleworking, teaching and caring for children or other loved ones at home, an educator connecting with your students remotely, retired, on the frontline of the pandemic, or juggling multiple roles at once.

We want you to know that your local public radio and television stations are here for you – offering news you can trust, remote learning services for students, curriculum-aligned resources for teachers, activities to educate and occupy early learners, emergency alerts, entertainment, and so much more – every day.

As you adapt to your new normal, we’d like to share some resources and activities that may help educate, inform and entertain you and your family during this challenging time.

Learn about the latest coronavirus developments

Coronavirus Daily, publishing weekday afternoons, is a 10-minute daily public radio news podcast about the coronavirus pandemic covering all facets of the story, including science, economics, culture, and society. Many local public media stations are also offering national and local programming about the impact of the coronavirus.

Support your children’s education

Public television and radio are offering many resources to help parents and caregivers during this difficult time, including:

Public media stations in all 50 states are also offering localized at home learning experiences, including virtual learning camps, on-air instructional series, virtual story time, and so much more.

Enjoy public media’s programs

As we try to grapple with the challenges of each day, public radio and television stations are offering virtual events and programs to bring you joy and comfort.

The Current from Minnesota Public Radio is hosting live stream virtual gigs featuring musicians. Marfa Public Radio organized a Zoom dance party to connect their community. KQED in San Francisco, CA has a collection of award-winning short films on their website that you can stream now.

Thursdays on public television are now “American History Night with Ken Burns,” which will feature the re-release of the filmmaker’s acclaimed series’ The Roosevelts, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea and The War.

These are just a few examples of the countless resources made available by the more than 1,400 stations serving virtually every household in the United States. We encourage you to visit your local stations’ websites to discover the local news, learning and entertainment services available to your community.

You – and public media viewers and listeners from across the country – are an important part of everything we do. We wish you safety and health as we all navigate this crisis.

To learn more about local public media’s essential programs and services and how federal funding makes this work possible, sign up for campaign updates.