Senate Relief Bill Provides Public Media Funding

By Cait Beroza |

Senate Gallery

The Senate’s coronavirus relief bill, which was released today, includes $175 million emergency funding for your public radio and television stations.

We’re enormously grateful for our network of steadfast supporters, who overwhelmingly voiced their support for emergency funding. Since April, our network have sent more than 75,000 communications to Congress, requesting essential funding to stabilize public radio and television stations during this extraordinary crisis.

Next Up, Negotiations:

Over the next few weeks, Congress will be negotiating the contents of the final package.

We will be carefully monitoring this process to ensure that public media funding remains in the relief package.

What You Can Do to Protect Funding:

During negotiations, public media funding could be threatened, and the best way to prevent calls to cut funding is to remind legislators that public media stations provide critical, unparalleled public services in news, education, job training and emergency alerts.