Three Ways You Can Help Public Media This Summer

By Colleen |

US Capitol at Night

Capitol Hill at night. Photo by Flickr user l.hutton

A couple weeks ago, news outlets like The New York Times reported that a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives would cut all federal funding for local public radio and television stations. You spoke up and we’re so grateful!

And now, your federal lawmakers are home from Washington, D.C. for August recess, and we need your help today. In two weeks, they will return to Washington and will make important decisions about the future of public media funding. We must voice our support now and remind Congress of the importance of funding for our local public media stations.

Here are three ways you can help public media this summer:

1.       Invite your friends to join our cause.

Is your sibling a public media supporter? How about your best friend? The more voices we have, the more successful we will be in protecting public media now and in the years to come.

2.       Email your Members of Congress.

Let them know that public media costs just $1.35 per American taxpayer per year (less than a cup of coffee!). This isn’t an investment we can afford to lose.

 3.       Share your personal public media story.

Public media is one of the last locally owned and operated media sources in our country. Local stations are locally licensed and governed, locally programmed and locally staffed, and they represent the voice of their community. Let us know what your station means to you!

Thank you for standing up for the local stations and programs you love. Together, we can protect public media for generations to come.