Cutting Public Media Funding is No Joke

By Cait |

Oppose Cuts to Public M

Update: Today, the House passed its Budget. Federal funding for public broadcasting was cut.

Don’t be discouraged. This isn’t final. There will be more opportunities for you to help protect public media.  

This was just the first step in this year’s budget process. Soon, the spending committees in both the House and Senate will take a closer look and make final funding decisions for public media. We’ll let you know when these important discussions take place.

Most importantly, thanks to you, a strong message was delivered to Congress: “protect my local stations and the programs I love.” You helped send 25,000 to Congress in less than one week. Thank you for telling your Member of Congress just how important your local stations are to you.

Together, we will protect public media for future generations to enjoy.


On April Fools’ Day, the House Budget was released. It recommends slashing federal funding for public media – your local public radio and TV stations. This is no joke.

With your help we can counter this attack on public media funding. The House of Representatives will be voting on their budget next week, so we need you to act now.

Have two minutes to protect public media?
Click here to tell your Member of Congress to support public media funding and oppose any funding cuts.

Have you have a few more minutes to protect public media?
After you tell your Member of Congress to support public funding, make sure to tell your friends and family who are loyal listeners and viewers. We bet they’d also like to stand up for public media. You can tell them on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail. Click here, then click on the social media icons. You can share this important alert with your friends and families on any platform you want.

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Now, back to why some Members of Congress want to cut public media funding. We understand that these are hard times for our country. Everyone is being asked to do their part to help cut federal spending. But public media funding has already been on the chopping block. Over the last couple years, public media has sustained big cuts – $60 million in cuts.

Cutting all funding will have almost zero impact on our nation’s budget deficit but it will destroy public media and the local stations you listen to and watch everyday. Without federal funding for public media, you won’t have the same listening and viewing experience or access to the many resources that you have today.

For just $1.35 per American taxpayer per year, this small investment provides you with local, national and international news, educational and public affairs programming, and tons of other important local services.

Please tell your Member of Congress to support public media funding and oppose any funding cuts today. Also, please help spread the word. It’s not a joke, these important services educate, connect and strengthen our communities, and make us better citizens at a small price tag – less than a cup of coffee.