President’s Budget includes Public Media

By Cait |

The President's Budget
President's Budget. Photo credit: The White House

President’s FY 2016 Budget. Photo credit: The White House


Public media fans, we have some exciting news to share about federal funding for public media. On Monday, February 2, President Barack Obama sent his annual budget to Congress and he included federal funding for public media.

This is a big deal. The President’s budget outlines the Administration’s funding priorities for the next fiscal year. Being included in the President’s budget is an important and encouraging starting point as we work to protect the local stations and programs we love this year.

Now, Congress will take a look at the President’s budget and put together their own.

We want federal funding for public media to be considered in Congress’s budget, so we need to tell our legislators just how important federal funding is to public radio and television stations.

Please take two minutes to email your legislators today and tell them why federal funding for public media is so important.

Every email sent to Congress sends a strong signal that public media is essential to all Americans.

For a $1.35 per American taxpayer, public media stations provide many important services to communities nationwide. Stations give us award-winning programs that we can’t find anywhere else on the dial. Stations keep us informed, educate our children, preserve and archive our communities’ history, train our teachers, keep us safe during emergencies and much more.

Without federal funding, none of these services would be possible. So please, email your legislators today in support of federal funding for public media.