Congress Returns – Action on Public Media Funding

By Cait |

Congress is back, and both chambers will be debating federal funding for public media again.

This week or next, the House of Representatives is expected to vote on a spending package for next year. Full funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and Ready To Learn are currently included in the package. Soon, the Senate will also begin to take its first steps toward making decisions on public media funding.

Before decisions are made, please contact your lawmakers to urge them to support full funding for public media.

Contact Congress on the importance of federal funding for public media here.

Take one action or take all of them. Every time they hear from you, your lawmakers are reminded that you value your public media stations.

We’ve come so far – and victories are within our reach. If you turn to public media for fact-based news; trusted educational content for your family; public safety services; and vital local, cultural, musical, historical or other enriching content, please act now. These services are too valuable to lose.