Public Media’s Support Letters Circulating in Congress

By Cait Beroza |

In response to the Administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 budget proposal to eliminate federal funding for public media, tens of thousands of communications were sent to Congress and the Administration in support of public media funding.

Your outreach inspired select Members of Congress to circulate letters in support of continued public media funding in the House and Senate. These Members are asking every lawmaker to sign on as a way of publicly affirming that they value public media funding.

Please ask your lawmakers to go ‘on the record’ with their support for public media funding by signing the letters.

The letters are sent to the appropriations subcommittees that determine the amount of federal funding each program receives, so it’s important to have a strong number of signatures on the letters.

Moreover, this is an important opportunity to identify public media’s supporters in Congress before the appropriations subcommittees start to assemble their federal funding bills.

We are proud of you and our network’s response to the Administration’s recommendation to defund public media. But our work is just beginning. You can help advance public media funding by emailing your lawmakers today to request that they sign onto the letters.

Thank you for voicing your support for your stations and their essential work to inform, educate and inspire communities.